Our caramel bites are prepared in Quebec in an artisanal way. We have taken care to select the ingredients carefully in order to offer you a tasty caramel made from natural and Quebec products. 

I admit it. I am guilty of loving these caramels. Too Too good.

Max Fouk

Excellent customer service and fast delivery. The caramels are the best I have eaten.


I received a box as a gift. What a nice surprise! And caramels that are beautiful to see and delicious in the mouth. A call to our senses. And, moreover, presented in a beautiful box. What refinement! Bravo for the design, for the taste and for the remarkable presentation!

Francine Rémillard

I love! The taste is subtle, just perfect!


Really good, I tasted 5 delicious aromas, taste it c adopt it wow.

Claire Morin

Wow! What service.