Offrir un cadeau corporatif en temps de pandémie.

Give a corporate gift during a pandemic.

The current pandemic is forcing us to rethink business meetings, corporate gatherings, gala, parties or any other event. However, this period is a pivotal moment to develop new approaches and surprise your business customers, partners, subcontractors, contractors and employees by offering them a gift that is both heartwarming and gourmet. 

Thanks to their elegant and colorful presentation, the Absolutely boxes validate the feeling of appreciation and recognition that you have towards them, you offer them more than gourmet products, you offer them a unique product just like them, you invite them to a tasting of unique flavors and above all, you invite them to discover a Quebec product made from natural products and made in an artisanal way. It is also possible to personalize our corporate gift boxes to reflect your business.

Offer luxury in a box, offer the original gift and Absolutely ... gourmet!

Composed of 24 bites of creamy caramels, our corporate box includes six flavors of caramels; Fleur de sel - Coffee - Hazelnut chocolate and macadamia - Orange blossom vanilla - Coconut citrus rum - Raspberry, anise and white chocolate

PHOTO CREDIT: Aurore C. Photographer





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