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Personalized corporate gift box with Fleur de Sel caramel candies

Personalized corporate gift box with Fleur de Sel caramel candies

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Butter and fleur de sel caramel bites 

200g /about 20 bites 

Find our creamy butterscotch bites prepared in Quebec in an artisanal way in this elegant gift box. For your hosts, corporate gifts for your employees, business partners, customers, birthdays, Christmas, whatever the occasion, this box filled with sweet treats will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.   

Our bites of candies are prepared in Quebec in an artisanal way. We have taken care to select the ingredients carefully in order to offer you a tasty caramel made from natural and Quebec products. Just soft enough to melt in your mouth but won't melt between your fingers. 

Also available; Chocolate Caramel & Pretzels Bites

CUSTOMIZATION  contact us in order to obtain the  personalization of your gift boxes in the image of your company. (minimum 10 boxes)

INGREDIENTS: cane sugar, cream, corn syrup, butter, honey and maple syrup from Quebec, fleur de sel and natural vanilla. 

ALLERGIES:  May contain nuts and/or peanuts 

The majority of our ingredients come from Quebec producers. These fresh ingredients allow us to offer you a tasty and creamy caramel of high quality. 

CONSERVATION: As the caramels are made from fresh and natural products without any artificial additives, they can be kept in a place away from heat and humidity for a few weeks. You can also extend their storage for up to about two months in the refrigerator 

DELIVERY: During the summer, refrigerated bags are inserted into packages containing caramels to protect them from humidity and heat.

 Prepared artisanally in Quebec by

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